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IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Flightline Test Set

The IFR 4000 verifies is a portable test set and the operation and installation of ILS, VOR and Marker Beacon receivers and VHF/UHF AM/FM and HF AM/SSB transceivers. The menu driven functionality and guided test capability make his instrument extremely friendly user.

Features & Benefits

  • Most portable Nav/Comm ramp tester available
  • Guided Test capability cuts down total test time
  • Low cost ELT option
  • Frequency counter provides external frequency measurement
  • Generation of ARINC 596 Selective Calling Tones
  • MORSE CODE provides 1-4 characters transmitted in the VOR and ILS localizer mode
  • Eight or more hours of operation before recharge
  • Automatic power shut-down
  • Ergonomic design

IFR 6000 Ramp Test Set

The IFR 6000 is a Portable and weatherproof unit designed for testing MODE A/C/S transponder, DME, TCAS, ADS-B and TIS avionics systems. It easily and quickly provides accurate measurements of transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity. Predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder.

Features & Benefits

  • One main user screen for each test mode
  • Detachable antenna
  • Large display
  • Simple user interface
  • Lightweight and compact <8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
  • Battery 6 hours plus duration
  • Fully FAR part 43 appendix F compliant
  • European Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
  • Optional ADS-B capabilities are DO-260A/B compliant