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Bittium (Defence Solutions)


Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN)

Bittium TAC WIN is a stand-alone military class IP broadband network designed to be used in brigade and battalion level Tactical Communications to manage increased data requirements in battle field. Bittium TAC WIN provides the most advanced radio technology with outstanding radio parameters to cope with different kind of battle environments and flexible antenna installations. Bittium TAC WIN brings required flexibility by forming Link, Point-to-Multipoint and MANET network configurations with one product.



Bittium Touch VoIP product Portfolio

Bittium Tough VoIP product portfolio provides last-mile broadband wired IP connectivity for data and integrated voice (VoIP) services. The phones are designed for tactical environments where network services may not be present or where the network topology is constantly changing. Integration into customer’s existing IP infrastructure happens seamlessly.


Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point

The Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point is a connectivity option provding wireless LTE access to Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) and bringing the high-speed multimedia data and VoIP services for troops in the field at a reasonable cost. Bittium Tactical LTE Access Point supports off-the-shelf LTE devices as well as rugged special terminals to be used in the battlefield.



Bittium Tough Mobile - Secure and Strong LTE Smartphone

Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone is designed and built for demanding Mobile Security and Public Safety markets. The Andriod-based Bittium Tough Mobile is packed with innovative features that make it a perfect tool for professional users such as government agencies, authorities, first responders and other professionals with the need of communicating securely and reliably in critical communication situations. It also incorporates a special security platform with features like tamper-detection as well as integrity check to ensure end-user security and privacy.

Bittium Tough Mobile's durable and sophisticated design provides support for global LTE frequencies, IP67 level water and dust protection, MIL-STD-810G level shock resistance, dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) button, active noise and echo cancellation, powerful loudspeaker and glove-usable touch screen.