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Lab & Manufacturing Test


Viavi MAP General Purpose Light Source

A high-density source used for test and measurements in lab or production environments. It is offered in a range of emitter types with specific spectral bandwidth and polarization levels. The mSRC-C2 is a hot-pluggable cassette designed for use within the MAP mainframe.

Features & Benefits

  • Sources at key wavelengths for all key communication windows from 850,1300,1310,1490,1550 & 1625 nm
  • Range of emitter types with specific spectral bandwidth and polarization levels
  • Temperature and power feedback control for ultra- stable performance
  • Simplify test system integration with Individual output connectors or pre-multiplexed
  • Enables applications requiring modulation from 150 to 2000 Hz with 1Hz resolution
  • Single Mode and Multimode with IEC complaint launch conditions
  • One, two, or four independent or muxed sources available in a single cassette


Viavi MAP Variable Optical Attenuator (mVOA)

The Multiple Application Platform (MAP series) Variable Optical Attenuator (mVOA-C1) is a stepper motor and filter-based attenuator that delivers metrology-grade programmable attenuation performance in the industry’s most compact package. It is ideal for use in application such as analog system and high bit-rate digital system

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-low insertion loss (<0.9 dB) and outstanding spectral uniformity minimize loss budget utilization
  • Fastest transition speed and settling time in its class reduces testing time
  • Optional built-in power monitor provides comprehensive closed-loop power control settings
  • Optional higher power capability can withstand up to 2W input power for single mode fiber (500 mW for multimode fiber)

Viavi Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier

Is a third-generation amplifier design, optimized for use in the systems-lab or for optical test and measurement applications. The simplified control and modular design make the module extremely simple to integrate and use, removing the need to “work-around” networking management protocols that often frustrate the R&D and manufacturing engineers and slow down test automation.

Features & Benefits

  • Variant options to cover low noise figure (<3.7dB) or high power (>25dBm) requirements
  • Single-channel Extended C and L band versions
  • Gain flattened DWDM multichannel extended C band versions
  • Automated gain and power control options