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Service Assurance


Viavi Nitro Fusion

A premier product in Viavi Nitro Platform with virtual service activation and performance management. Fusion arms network operators and enterprises with a valuable set of standards-based test tools that deliver accurate test results on which managers and engineers can depend. It monitors and ensures network performance and verifies SLA in both virtual and physical networks.

Features & Benefits

  • Resolve customer complaints faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction with Ethernet and IP services
  • Divert technician truck rolls with helpdesk based remote testing
  • Reduce technician coordination for RFC6349-compliant TCP (TrueSpeed) and UDP throughput tests

Spirent VisionWorks

Spirent VisionWorks delivers Cloud-native Active Assurance for mobile, fixed, virtual, and hybrid physical / virtual networks. It uses Active Test Agents and synthetic traffic to automate turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting for 5G, LTE, Ethernet, SD-WAN, Cloud networks and more and it complements passive monitoring with proactive, continuous active tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Enable automation of mobile service activation testing, mobile service SLA monitoring & mobile SLA
  • Fault isolation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Troubleshooting